Some more Detroit mafia audio surveillance snippets featuring the infamous Giacalone brothers (“Tony Jack” and “Billy Jack”) and their mob associates in the Motor City.

The “wire” that intercepted these conversations was illegally placed by the government and the thousands of hours of tape were never used against them in court.

Billy Jack in a rage, threatening a debtor

“I’ll chop your motherfucking head off. I don’t want to hear no more excuses, no more stories. All I want is the fucking money. That’s it, nothing else. How many ways can I express this? Stop talking to me and start bringing me my money, you understand me you fucking cocksucker? I’m gonna chop your god damn head right off your motherfucking neck if you don’t straighten this thing out soon. If I don’t see some cash out of you by next week, I’m coming over to your house with a fucking bulldozer and I’m gonna take the fucking place apart room by room. You can take that to the bank. I should put you through the fucking meat grinder right now for this shit. Who the fuck do you think you’re dealing with? Just pay me my money, I’m getting sick and tired of the god damn run around. It’s ridiculous already. I don’t want to hear another fucking sound out of ya. You keep your fucking mouth shut from now on around me until you bring me what you owe. I swear to god, fucking try me, Jack.  You think I won’t (hurt you)? I’m telling you I’m coming into your god damn kitchen with a fucking hacksaw and taking your cocksucking head off if you don’t get me my money. That’s how serious I am about this.”

Billy Jack threatening another debtor

“If I hear one more motherfucking excuse out of you, I’m going to throw you out this goddam window. You think I’m kidding? If you don’t come here the first of next month and pay me the first installment, I’m telling ya right now, I’m gonna come find you and I’m gonna kill you where you stand.”

Billy Jack berating yet another debtor

“Everybody’s got problems. I don’t want to hear your problems, I just want my money. Believe me, pal, I’ve got worse problems than you. I’m facing 25 years in the joint. Twenty five years in the Big House, so don’t cry to me about this petty bullshit. I’ve thrown away thirty thousand bucks on lawyer fees, do you see me complaining to my bosses? I take care of my obligations, now it’s time for you to take care of yours.”

Billy Jack talking with Tony Jack about his night on the town carousing with then-NFL running back Howard (Hopalong) Cassady  

“We wound up at the Playboy Club. I was sick all morning. I drank way too much last night. Hoppy went home with the colored bunny, I went home with this blonde one named Monica. You’ve seen here there before. Hoppy’s fucked every one of them broads working there….. I want to screw that Christie (next).”

Notorious Detroit mob enforcer and hitman Nick Ditta talking to Tony Jack about fellow Detroit Goodfella, Louie Ruggirello’s numbers business in Flint, Michigan and why he’s not paying any street tax.              

“I’m gonna call Louie in. I’m gonna put him in a chair and ask him straight out, do we have a piece of this thing or are you guys flying solo? If he gives the wrong answer, I’ll kill him right there”

Tony Jack talking to his teenage son, Joey

“God willing, one day, this will all be yours”

Billy talking with Tony about a potential score – specifically robbing friend and Teamsters union boss Jimmy Hoffa’s vacation home in Florida

Billy – Do they know where the safe is?

Tony – The broad (Hoffa’s girlfriend) told me it’s in the bedroom. That means its gotta be in the closet. There’s five god damn closets though and she don’t know which one

Billy – Does the house have an alarm on it?

Tony – No

Billy – So it’s a walk-in job?

Tony – Yeah

Billy – You really trust this broad, is she telling us the truth?

Tony – She’s telling us the truth. 500k in cash and the wife’s jewelry.

Billy – We gotta keep this quiet, we do it ourselves, don’t tell anybody when we’re going down there to do it.

Detroit mob capo Dominic (Fats) Corrado explaining to Tony Jack why he let local bookie Art Caplan lower his tribute payment

Fats – My dad had him paying 10 percent. I just gave him a two and a half percent reduction for all the loyalty he showed my father over the years.. He’s still paying on time, he’s just paying seven and a half percent now, instead of 10, so what’s the big deal?

Tony – The big deal is perception and precedent. How does that look? It looks weak. Now, everyone in town’s gonna think they deserve a discount on what they owe.

Detroit mob prince Anthony (Tony Z) Zerilli recalling to Tony Jack a conversation he had with his dad, longtime Michigan mafia don and Commission-member Joe Zerilli, about investing in the Las Vegas hotel and casino industry

“I told my dad, if we can’t get into Vegas legally, we’re just gonna go find one of the independent guys already up and running out there and tell him, ‘listen, buddy, we’re coming in as partners here whether you like it or not”

The Giacalone brothers discussing the ongoing Profaci-Gallo war in NYC

Tony – Peppino (Joe Zerilli) is very disturbed about what’s going on out there. He sat with both sides when he visited last week, it’s no good. Nobody’s budging.

Billy – Tell Peppino to tell Magliocco (Joe Profaci’s brother-in-law, underboss, and successor) to give us (the Detroit mafia) a piece of his action and we’ll come out there and show him how to run that fucking town

Tony – Yeah, you know we could too (laughing)

Billy – Those fucking Gallo brothers are no joke. They’re sharp. They got the balls and backing to take over that whole Borgata over there. Don’t be surprised if that happens

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