Two powerful Pagan’s Motorcycle Club members out of Central Florida were busted in a federal drug case this week. Florida Pagan’s Brian (Sledgehammer) Burt and Michael (Clutch), both from the club’s Daytona Beach chapter, were indicted out of U.S. District Court in Orlando for crystal meth distribution along with 13 other people. They face maximum life prison sentences if convicted.

The 47-year old Sledgehammer Burt was arrested last week in a separate incident after getting denied entrance into a local bar and threatening harm to the owners when he and a half-dozen Pagan’s surrounded the establishment in attack formation. Burt was arrested on weapons charges (police found a .45-caliber pistol and three knives on him) and possession of a small amount of meth.

This week’s pinch is Burt’s third arrest of the summer. Last month, he was arrested for gun and drug offenses following a routine traffic stop where police discovered an unregistered .357-caliber Glock in his waistband and small amounts of meth and Oxycodone in his pocket. He’s pled not guilty in all three cases. Clutch Andrews, 33, was arrested back in March when he was pulled over in a traffic stop and had possession of a pistol.

Burt is a member of The Pagan’s national leadership council. Andrews is the Daytona Beach chapters No. 1 enforcer and official sergeant-at-arms.

The Pagan’s Daytona Beach chapter is being investigated for its possible role in the April 2017 murder of Outlaws Motorcycle Club member Christopher (Louie the Lip) Keating in a fight at the city’s Crook’s Den tavern. Keating, 59, was stabbed to death. Witnesses have told authorities that Keating was arguing with men wearing Pagan’s paraphernalia. The Outlaws are the biggest biker gang in the Midwest, while The Pagan’s have a foothold in much of the East Coast biker battleground.

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