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  1. Scott,

    Hi there. I just recently discovered your work. It’s very interesting. I was wondering if we could connect for a phone call. I have some questions about my families past. I am from an area just outside of Detroit Michigan. I think you could help me as my families past pertains to your area of expertise. A name I remember from the past is Mike Katrinas. Although I am not related to him, I had an uncle who was very close friend to Mike. I’m hoping you may be able to tell me more about my and possibly my uncle. It’s be amazing to have some time to speak with you. Thanks, Scott.

  2. Pretty sure Mercer County Sheriffs did not stop n arrest Pagan Richter. They have no police powers n don’t fo traffic stops. The Sheriffs also were not credited by US attorneys office. They credited New Jersey State Police. Which makes more sense … may want to update your story.

  3. I’m working on a mystery novel set in the 90s and one of the characters is a former burlesque dancer from Hamtramck who would have been working in the 50s and early 60s. I’m looking for background on Detroit of the 50s and 60s, and wanted to watch Detroit Mob Confidential but it’s not available through Amazon Prime in Canada. Is there anywhere else I can stream it, or is there a DVD available for purchase?

    Your site has been a great source of info so far.


  4. Scott,
    I have some things you might be interested in when it comes to your line of work. I shared some of it with Gunner.
    Keep up all the great work!
    Thank you sir.

  5. Scott,

    Can you do a story on Roy Demeo originally starting with the Joe Gallo Crew. Found a transcript in the book “Wiretap” by James Goode, which has a bunch of the wiretaps from the Commission Case in it. It was a conversation between Ralph Scopo Sr and a contractor. I included the transcript below, I know its pretty unknown where Roy originally started before The Gambinos

    Ralph Scopo talking to James Costigan On April 5th 1984
    Roy Demeo , Jimmy when i tell you the guy had cast iron balls.
    Where they says he was the street enforcer. His names Roy Demeo …
    I’m telling you he had balls….. this guy used to be with the Gallos.
    At that time we were havin a war all right? With the Gallos and Roy was on the Gallo side.
    Then it was all squared away and peace was made, he was really supposed to come with us, but he was scared. He didn’t come with us.
    Instead he went to another family and they straightened him out.. So what happened was the Gambinos eventually had the guy killed.Not over our problem but they’re own problem.
    He was the one who created the problem with the cars going over and I mean he was a tough guy all right. Bein he got picked up they figure “maybe this guy under pressure he’ll rat”.
    Thats bullshit! But not to take the chance, not knowin whether he would or not, they went and killed him! It’s just like what I’m doing now. Say this thing kinda blows up. I’ll be one of the first guys to get arrested.

  6. Scott,
    Recently discovered this site. OK, any info or interest in looking into the still unsolved 1972 clipping of Tommy Eboli (aka Tommy Ryan) ?? Outside of the owing Carlo 4M, I mean. Also, as an acquaintance of one of TR’s associates Salvatore Passalacqua (aka Sal Mauro) do you have anything on Mauro ?? Known associates were Tommy Eboli, Dominic Alongi, Harold Glantz, Arthur Goldstein, Sonny Franzese, the Bagel Boys chain in Brooklyn, NY and Teaneck NJ in the 1960’s – 1970’s. Bagel Nosh chain. Also would be up for phone/text/email correspondence in these matters.

  7. Hey Scott, loved the Leonetti book. Couple questions: with Scarfo dead, can he now go public out of hiding? Any chance of a follow-up book (he said on radio he has more stories), any chance we can learn about the extraordinary woman who helped change him? Great work!

  8. Hi, Scott. I’ve been following your story, and I’m wondering if I happen to be friends with some members of your family. I live in the Twin Cities, in MN, and here we have the Mdewakanton Sioux Tribe that owns Mystic Lake Casino. The Mdewakanton Sioux is the wealthiest paid Native American tribe in the country. A friend of mine introduced me to a few different families from the tribe in 2015, and since then I have been friends with them. Some of the tribes members have been married into the tribe, and are Russian and Italian and are from New York. Of those from New York, I’ve been friends with (and continue to be friends with) Lance Bernstein.

    Lance is a Russian Jew, so I’m well aware of the fact that the name ‘Bernstein’ properly transliterated from Russian to English would indeed be ‘Burnstein’. Furthermore, Lance’s relative, Julius ‘Spike’ Bernstein, used to work for Matty the Horse Ianniello in the Genovese family. Knowing the history of the Burnstein brothers from the Purple Gang, who were also Russian Jews, I’ve read how Abe Bernstein later returned to New York after his ventures in Detroit, to work for Joe Adonis and Meyer Lansky, two noteable figures of the Genovese family. The history would make sense if decades later, the same Bernstein family were still affiliated with the Genovese family.

    Just wanted to check, because either way, my friend Lance has a big family. I’m also friends with his twin brother Jordan, their father Mikey, and have met other members of their family as well.

  9. Why is there so little said about the Sugar house gang? Weren’t they important figures back in the day? Peace

  10. Scott,

    I just wanted to drop a note and say thank you for all the great stuff you’ve done and continue to do. I am a huge fan of the site, the books, and especially the OG podcast. I’m embarrassed to say that I wasn’t aware of the White Boy doc until the podcast episode but I’m watching now and it’s fantastic as always!

    Thanks again and keep up the great work!

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