The quintessential Cocaine Cowboys of Miami in the 1980s, Willy Falcon and Sal Magluta, known on the streets of South Florida as, “Los Muchachos,” ran a multi-billion dollar drug trafficking and smuggling organization called the “Corporation,” before they were sent to prison in the 1990s. While Falcon and Magluta are firmly ensconced in narcotic world mythology for their suave demeanor, superior people skills and prolific gangland business acumen, the rest of their Corporation crew has faded into history with little to no recognition.

Author Roben Farzad’s excellent new book Hotel Scarface details the Cocaine Cowboys era using the infamous doper hangout The Mutiny hotel and club as its plot anchor. Much of the book centers on Falcon and Magluta’s massive operation and their playboy antics at the notorious posh hotspot. Using Hotel Scarface as a guide, Gangster Report breaks down all the Corporation’s major players and top lieutenants


Juan (Rec) Barroso – Childhood friend of Los Muchachos and one of the crew’s top speedboat smugglers

Owen (Bar Mitzvah) Band – Jewish college honor student turned the Corporation’s lieutenant in charge of east coast affairs

Fabio (Hemmingway) Carrasco — Second-in-charge of the crew’s speedboat fleet and smuggling operation under “Rec” Barroso and Georgie Morales

Ray Corona – The Corporation’s main banker and money launderer

Lazar (Tattoo) Cruz — A mid-level Los Muchachos lieutenant

Luis (Weetchie) Escobedo – Part of the post-1980 “Cuban crime wave” who became one of Los Muchachos’ main enforcers

Gustavo (Taby) Falcon – Willy Falcon’s younger brother and right-hand man recently apprehended after 26 years on the run from the law

Bernardo (The Deer) Gonzalez – Childhood friend of Los Muchachos and the crew’s lieutenant in charge of affairs in the Caribbean. Gonzales, the No. 3 in the hierarchy of the Corporation, was killed in 1993 on his family farm in West Miami for his betrayal and cooperation with the government.

Manny (Poison) Hernandez — A mid-level Los Muchachos lieutenant

Justo (The Doctor) Jay – Childhood friend of Los Muchachos who ran the crew’s Southeastern affairs based out of North Carolina

Melvyn (Mutiny Mel) Kessler — Prominent South Florida criminal attorney and Los Muchachos’ lawyer

Ralph (The Brain) Linero – The Corporation’s top airplane pilot

Orlando (Benny B) Lorenzo – Childhood friend of Los Muchachos who became one of their most trusted lieutenants. The second in command of the Corporation behind Willy and Sal.

Luis (Peggie) Mendez — One of the Corporation’s top lieutenants in South Florida and Taby Falcon’s brother-in-law

Georgie (Speed Racer) Morales – World champion speed boat racer who along with “Rec” Barroso ran the crew’s smuggling wing and fleet of speedboats (eventually became a CIA asset caught up in the Contras’ gun-running scandal of the late 1980s)

Rene (Snow Cone) Rodriguez – One of the Corporation’s top smugglers and enforcers

Jorge Valdes — Accounting whiz and drug kingpin who gave Los Muchachos their start in the cocaine business, introducing them to suppliers with notorious South American narco czar Pablo Escobar’s mammoth Medellin cartel in Colombia.



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