August 5, 2020 – Jailed Chicago mob boss Michael (Fat Mike) Sarno is seeking a reprieve from his 25-year federal prison sentence for extortion because of the Coronavirus. Sarno, 62, has an array of physical ailments and wants to come home 12 years early on a compassionate release. His attorney filed the motion Monday.

Last month, U.S. District Court Henry Leinenweber let Chicago Outfit soldier Mario (The Arm) Rainone out of prison eight years early on an identical motion. The 65-year old Rainone was convicted on a gun charge.

Sarno ran the Outfit on a day-to-day basis from 2005 until he was found guilty of fire-bombing a rival video-poker machine company in Berwyn, Illinois at a December 2010 trial. The motion for compassionate release lists lung, liver, prostate, gallbladder and high blood pressure issues. Due to the need for a double knee replacement, the motion reads, Sarno is confined to a wheelchair.

Hailing from the Chicago mob’s Cicero regime, Sarno came up under deceased Outfit capo Ernest (Rocky) Infelise. Sarno was busted with Infelise’s “Good Ship Lollipop” crew in 1990 and did seven years behind bars for racketeering. He took command of the Cicero crew in around 2000.

Following Chicago mob street boss James (Jimmy the Man) Marcello being nailed in the landmark Operation Family Secrets bust, Sarno was given the post. According to federal records, Sarno is suspected of ordering the 2006 kidnapping and murder of Outfit underboss Anthony (Little Tony) Zizzo, Marcello’s No. 2. Sarno and Zizzo were feuding over video-poker machine routes.

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