December 4, 2019 — Infamous Buffalo drug kingpin Jariel (Doobie) Cobb was recently indicted again on charges of federal narcotics trafficking and is suspected in disposing of a body back in the fall. The 47-year old Cobb has headed Buffalo’s Cash Money Gang for the past two decades. He was busted in 2006 as the lead defendant in Operation Cash Out and did 10 years in federal prison.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Western New York, upon Doobie Cobb’s release from a federal correctional facility in 2016, he resumed his place atop the Cash Money Gang, which headquarters on the city’s eastside. His current case includes four other co-defendants and counts of cocaine, heroin and marijuana distribution.

Per comments by a prosecutor at Cobb’s arraignment, Cobb and Cash Money Gang lieutenant James (Jimmy Fats) Reed were picked up on surveillance video in September leaving the scene of a van with dead bodies in it, bringing eight duffle bags to a fire pit located on an eastside property connected to the Cash Money Gang, emptying the bags into the flames and then fleeing. In a search of the fire pit the day after Cobb was taken into custody, the feds found traces of human bones.

The FBI and Buffalo Police installed surveillance cameras on telephone poles outside Cobb hangouts in July following a series of tips that Cobb had the Cash Money Gang returned to operating at full capacity. Sources are telling investigators that the remains found in the fire pit belong to Dahmyl Roman, who had allegedly traveled to Buffalo from Florida in a rented van along with Marcel Valentin-Colon and Nicole Merced-Plaud to complete a drug deal. Valentin-Colon and Merced-Plaud were found dead and their bodies burnt to a crisp inside a Chrysler Pacifica parked on Tawanda Street on September 15.

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