Despite initial reports, it was an execution, not a shootout. According to police in Florida, Kingsmen Motorcycle Club leader David (Gutter) Donovan was killed execution style on April 29 at the behest of Outlaws Motorcycle Club chief Marc (Not Quite) Knotts in an effort by the Outlaws to either absorb or eliminate all other biker gangs in the Sunshine State. Knotts was shot by another Kingsmen in retaliation minutes later.

Donovan, vice president of the Lake County, Florida Kingsmen, died at 41 years old early last week after 16 days in a hospital’s intensive care unit and Knotts was immediately arrested for first-degree murder at the Outlaws’ Ocala, Florida clubhouse. The 48-year old Knotts, sometimes referred to as “Knothead” or just “NQ,” is president of the club’s Ocala chapter and faces life behind bars if convicted.

Originally, the altercation, which occurred at a gas station, had been described in media accounts as an impromptu shootout, not a gangland execution. Ocala chapter Outlaw Jesus (Ace) Marrero was also arrested alongside Knotts. Arrest warrants have since been issued for fellow Ocala Outlaws, Greg (Stinky) Umphress and Miquel (Toe Jam) Torres, but both currently remain at-large.

Based out of the Midwest, the Outlaws are one of the most powerful biker gangs in the world. They planted a flag in Florida in the late 1960s and have long dominated the region’s vast biker landscape. In contrast, the Kingsmen are headquartered in New York and only in the past few years declared themselves a “One Percent” club, essentially eschewing legality in their affairs.

The two clubs ran into each other at the Circle K gas station in Leesburg, Florida on April 29 in the closing hours of the annual Leesburg Bikerfest and per a police report obtained by The Orlando Sentinel this week, several members of the Outlaws attacked Gutter Donovan as he exited the gas station’s convenient store after buying a pack of cigarettes, placing a knife to his throat and making him kneel on his knees in front of Knotts. Upon Knotts demanding Donovan remove his Kingsmen colors and vest and Donovan refusing, Knotts instructed the Outlaws physically detaining Donovan to “shoot that motherfucker,” according to the police report. Who actually pulled the trigger in Donovan’s murder is unknown to the public at this time.

Donovan was shot twice in the back and once in the head at point-blank range. Subsequently, Knotts himself was shot three times in the back by a Kingsmen sniper who had taken shelter inside the gas station and opened fire on Knotts from the front door as Knotts and his Outlaws prepared to depart. Airlifted to a hospital, a bullet-proof vest clad Knotts survived the shooting and was discharged within 48 hours.

David “Gutter” Donovan

Marc Knotts aka “Not Quite” aka “Knothead”

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