Out of the pig pen and back to the real world. Black Mafia Family member Chris (Pig) Triplett was recently released from a four-year state prison stint in Ohio for narcotics trafficking. A Detroit native, the 47-year old Triplett was arrested in August 2014 for possession of two pounds of heroin stashed in the air filter of a car he was driving from the Buckeye State back to Michigan.

Triplett got out of federal prison in 2012 for his role in the enormous Operation Motor City Mafia bust of 2005 where the entire “BMF” drug gang was dismantled. BMF was founded in Detroit in the early 1990s by Demetrius (Big Meech) Flennory and his younger brother Terry (Southwest T) Flenoory. The highly-structured crew soon spread around the country to become the most prolific urban organized crime conglomerate of all-time, establishing a strangle hold on huge swaths of territory in strategically-placed locales set up in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Louisville, Memphis and Dallas.

*This article’s cover image is a photo of Pig Triplett (with hat on, holding bottles of liquor) and the Flennory brothers on an airplane in 2003.

The Flennorys left Detroit in the mid-1990s, with Big Meech settling in Georgia and Southwest T planting his flag in California. Both men kept key intermediaries though stationed in Motown, which remained the nerve center for BMF distribution routes. Triplett served as one of the Flennorys’ primary courier lieutenants, responsible for transporting vast sums of cocaine throughout the United States in a fleet of secret-compartment adorned automobiles.

On the eve of trial in 2007, the Flennorys copped pleas and are in the process of doing 30-year bids behind bars. Big Meech, 49, has grown into a full-blown cultural icon in the hip-hop community, constantly being name-checked on rap records. Rapper and actor Curtis (50 Cent) Jackson is currently developing a television series on the rise and fall of BMF for the Starz network.

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