The Black Mafia Family was the biggest urban drug conglomerate in American history. Founded on the Southwest part of Detroit by brothers Demetrius (Big Meech) Flenory and Terry (Southwest T) Flenory in the early 1990s, the organization grew into a monolithic underworld power by the dawning of the New Millennium in the 2000s, controlling vast chunks of narcotics-trafficking territory across the United States. BMF’s kingdom came crumbling down in the Operation Motor City Mafia bust which was filed in October 2005 and landed the entire BMF leadership structure behind bars.

Both Flenory brothers pleaded guilty in the case and are in the midst of serving 35-year prison sentences. The BMF music label still exists and Big Meech has cemented himself a genuine a hip-hop, pop culture and gangland icon, with frequent name-checks in rap songs and a television series being developed at Starz by rapper-actor Curtis (50 Cent) Jackson about Flenory and his reign at the top of the drug game as a follow-up at the network to his current hit show Power. Rumors of a BMF resurgence have been buzzing around the streets of Detroit and Atlanta for the last several years.

Here’s a breakdown of the major BMF players:

Demetrius (Big Meech) Flenory — The larger-than-life BMF boss and co-founder stationed in Atlanta

Terry (Southwest T) Flenory — The quieter, more reserved BMF boss and co-founder stationed in Los Angeles who was angered by his brother’s headline-seeking ways on the other side of the country

Chad (J-Bo) Brown — St. Louis-bred “underboss” of the organization. J-Bo stands for “Junior Boss.” Brown relayed all of Big Meech’s orders to the rank-and-file

Fleming (ILL) Daniels — New York-bred No. 3 in charge of the organization, known for his small stature and quick temper. Daniels oversaw all east coast BMF affairs

William (Doc) Marshall — The CFO of the organization, tasked with handling BMF bookkeeping duties from his car dealership

Wayne (The Waniac) Joyner & Craig Pettes — The Flenory brothers main contacts with the Mexican drug cartels

Benjamin (Blank) Johnson — BMF’s Detroit boss

Eric (Slim) Bivens — BMF’s Detroit underboss who was in charge of Midwest distribution routes and cut house locations in Michigan

Arnold (A.R. 15) Boyd — Southwest T’s former driver and bodyguard who becomes his main enforcer in Michigan when he leaves for California

Ameen (The Bull) Height — Big Meech’s bodyguard and driver

Darryl (Chipped-Tooth D) Peguese — Southwest T’s personal Atlanta crew chief

William (Trucker) Turner — Southwest T’s distribution lieutenant and stash house director in Los Angeles

Marlon (Chill) Welch — Southwest T’s step son and L.A. driver

Martez (Tall Tito) Bryth — One of Big Meech’s main lieutenants in Atlanta

Darryl (Big Poppa) Taylor — Big Meech’s distribution lieutenant in Atlanta

Chauncey (C-Bear) Johnson — Big Meech’s personal Detroit crew chief

Omari (O-Dog) McCree — One of Big Meech’s main lieutenants in Atlanta

Michael (Freaky Mike) Green — Big Meech’s stash-house director in Atlanta

Terrance (Texas Cuz) Short — The Flenory brothers first cousin and the BMF’s dual Dallas and Houston crew boss

Deron (Wonnie) Gatling & Danny (Dog Man) Jones — BMF St. Louis co-bosses

Jerry (J-Rock) Davis — Runs the BMF-affiliate “Sin City Mafia”

Barima (Bleu DaVinci) McKnight & Marque (Baby Bleu) DaVinci — BMF rap artists and drug lieutenants

*A primary source for this post was Atlanta-based author Mara Shalhoup’s fantastic 2010 book on the Flenory brothers called BMF — The Rise & Fall of Big Meech and the Black Mafia Family 

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