September 24, 2019 — The BMF television show is probably at least two years away from seeing the light of day on the screen and the behind-the-scenes drama is already raging at full tilt. Hip hop and Hollywood superstar 50 Cent, the creator of the show set to chronicle the life and times of the notorious Flenory brothers and their epic Black Mafia Family drug empire, is sparring in the tabloids and on social media with a co-collaborator on the project and his reality tv star’s fiancé as well as taking fire on Instagram and Twitter from a longtime bitter rap rival and a one-time BMF crew chief ridiculing his handling of the BMF show.

Leveraging the success of his juggernaut rap career, 50 Cent created the hit tv show Power, premiering on the Starz Network in the summer of 2014 and telling the story of a conflicted New York drug kingpin named James “Ghost” St. Patrick. Power is in its sixth season and is the Starz Network’s most watched show. Starz will be home to the BMF series as well.

Demetrius (Big Meech) Flenory and his younger brother Terry (Southwest T) Flenory started BMF in their hometown of Detroit in the 1990s. By the 2000s, BMF had satellite franchisee set up all around the country and controlled the American wholesale narcotics markets while Big Meech himself became a pop culture icon and staple in the hip hop elite. Behind bars on drug trafficking charges since 2005, he is a ubiquitous figure in rappers’ music to this very day, frequently referenced and revered in lyrics from the industry’s top performers.

Back in the summer, a beef between 50 Cent and film producer Randall Emmett, one of his producing partners on the BMF show and possibly other offshoot BMF-related projects, went public, as 50 Cent called out Emmett for a $1,000,000 business debt on social media. Emmett, who owns the film rights to the BMF story and is a producer on Power, repaid the money and it appeared that tensions had ceased. But things flared back up last week when 50 Cent and Emmett’s soon-to-be wife, Lala Kent, a star of the Bravo Network reality tv show, Vanderpump Rules, began exchanging barbs over Instagram.

Emmett, 48, got his start in Hollywood as actor Mark Wahlberg’s personal assistant. He produced a pair of well-received 2013 action yarns, 2 Guns and Lone Survivor, both starring Wahlberg and Silence, a little-known Martin Scorsese-helmed critical darling in 2016.

Rapper Ja Rule, 50 Cent’s longtime adversary in the rap game, “clapped back” at his rival last week for comments 50 made during promotional interviews for Power where he spoke of the former Murder, Inc. music crew’s plans for a movie on historic Queens, New York crime lord Kenny (Supreme) McGriff. Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx attached to the project in the lead role earlier this month.

Ja Rule posted this message on his Instagram account last Thursday:

“Hey Foofy, don’t worry about what we doing with the Supreme Team movie, worry about getting more police security. Please get off our dick and stop doing interviews speaking on shit you know nothing about, boy. You don’t even have your facts straight about BMF clown ass nigga cause you wasn’t there …you are just a groupie cuz, trying to figure shit out about real Gs.”

50 Cent (real name: Curtis Jackson, 44 years old) was famously shot nine times in 2000 allegedly on the orders from McGriff, who was angered by 50’s “Ghetto Qu’ran” track in which he is name dropped and currently is serving life in prison for a pair of gangland murders from 2001. McGriff was working at the Murder, Inc. music label when he was arrested for the homicides.

Hoping to further gas light 50, Ja Rule reposted a recent Instagram post from one-time BMF lieutenant Dexter (Sosa) Hussey “banning” 50 Cent from stepping foot in Detroit. Hussey was an original BMF member and is upset that 50 isn’t consulting with anybody from Big Meech’s inner circle in the development of the BMF show.

Detroiter Randy Huggins, a writer on Power, has been tapped as the series’ show runner. Big Meech gave 50 Cent and Emmett his blessing upon the show being announced in the fall of 2017.

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