Additional FBI audio surveillance blurbs from the Detroit mafia’s notorious Giacalone Brothers and Tony Zerilli, recorded from 1960-1970 inside the Giacalones’ office.

The fruits of the government’s multi-year wiretapping operation weren’t ever used as evidence in court, due to the illegal nature of the bug

“Billy Jack” telling “Tony Jack” about the government’s effort to flip one of his girlfriends

“They pull this girl into the station, they got her in a room, they’re asking her a million questions about me. Then they start making me out to be this big bad guy, they told her I’m vicious, I’m so vicious. That I’m a monster, I’m a dope peddler, I’m a killer and all this shit. Man, did they make me out to be vicious. They offered her $100 a week to go on the payroll and inform on me. What kind of shit is this?…. I’m actually not that surprised, it shows how desperate they’re getting here”

Tony Jack recalling to his brother his threatening of an underling who had recently been approached by the cops

“I took the guy Sam by the arm and brought him over to the side of the table away from everyone else, I said, ‘if you open up on us (cooperate), if you even think about talking to those coppers behind our backs, I’m gonna be the guy who kills you. You’re going to be looking in my eyes when you die, you cocksucker.’…. He almost shit himself he was so scared.

Tony Jack complaining to Billy Jack about the media’s coverage of Detroit’s local mob’s scene

“These cocksuckers are writing that I’m mafia, that your mafia, everybody is mafia. They’re saying Mosie and Mosie Joe are fucking mafia. Those two are fucking Syrian, how the fuck can they be in the mafia? These writers should all go fuck themselves. They should all quit their jobs. They don’t know shit”

Tony Jack telling Billy Jack about fellow capo Mike Polizzi’s dustup with another mob figure at a local bar the night before

“Mike Polizzi wanted to rub the poor bastard out right there. He told this guy, ‘I’ll fucking kill you if you do something like that again.’ He wanted to crack the son of a bitch in front of everybody. I had to stop him. I said, ‘Mikey, come on, not in public, there are ways to handle these things.”

Tony Jack telling Billy Jack about acting Detroit mob boss Tony Zerilli’s conversation with Kansas City mafia don Nick Civella about Jimmy Hoffa

Tony Z went down to Florida to meet with that Nick Civella of Kansas City. He says to Z, ‘who you got up there close to Jimmy?’ and Z tells him, ‘I got Tony Giacalone.’ This Civella tells Z to tell me, “ask Tony Jack to talk to Jimmy for us, tell him it would be a personal favor for me in Kansas City, that I personally, Nick Civella, would appreciate it…. The Kansas City guys want Jimmy to throw some muscle behind their man (Roy) Williams.

Tony Jack & Billy Jack talking about the Civella brothers in Kansas City

Tony: I thought they called Nick Civella ‘Cork.’

Billy: No, that’s his brother, they call Carl Civella ‘Cork’

Tony: What kind of nickname is Cork?

Billy: Like Corky, like he pops his cork?

Tony: What the fuck does that mean?

Billy: Like he has a bad temper, he loses his top easily

Tony: How tough is he?

Billy: He’s pretty tough

Tony Jack complaining about Detroit mob buster Vincent Piersante

Fucking cocksucker Piersante….he tells the press he’s working on building a conspiracy case against the Combination, the whole Outfit. You know what that means? It means he’s working on building a case against us, you and me”

Tony Jack asking an underling why he didn’t report a recent score of his

“When we’re talking to you, we want straight answers. I don’t want no bullshit. You ain’t dealing with a bunch of little schoolgirls here. You aint getting out of this room until you tell me what I want to hear. You’re telling all these people, ‘I’ve got a fucking score, I’ve got a score.” I want to know what it is and why the fuck ain’t you telling me and my brother about it”

Tony Zerilli telling Tony Jack about a warning he gave a recent Detroit mafia inductee

“Listen my man, you’re a Friend of Ours now, so let’s get an understanding here, you belong to my regime. That means you belong to me. When I tell you to do something, you better do it. If I tell you to jump off a 20 story building, you better jump. You report everything you do from here on out. Don’t be getting too smart for your own good”

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