Kingsmen Motorcycle Club leader David (Gutter) Donovan died this week of injuries sustained in a gun fight with members of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club late last month at the annual Leesburg Bikefest in Central Florida. The 41-year old Donovan was the vice-president of the Kingsmen’s Lake County, Florida chapter.

Within hours of Donovan’s death at a local hospital, police traveled to the Outlaws’ Ocala, Florida chapter and arrested chapter president Marc (Not Quite) Knotts for his murder and issued arrest warrants for three of his fellow Outlaws, Jesus Marrero, Greg Umphress and Miquel Torres. Marrero was taken into custody this week as well while Umphress and Torres remain at large.

Donovan was shot multiple times on April 29, 2017 as a verbal altercation between rival biker gangs at the Circle K gas station located down the street from the Leesburg Bikefest’s closing ceremonies turned violent. Knotts, 48 years old and sometimes called “The Knothead” or “NQ,” was struck three times in the shootout and according to reports had been wearing a bullet-proof vest (he can be seen in this article’s cover photo).

The Outlaws are arguably the most prominent motorcycle club operating in Florida, the biker underworld’s unofficial county seat in the nation’s South. The club is headquartered in the Midwest, founded in Chicago. The Kingsmen are a New York-based club and only in recent years began identifying itself as “One Percenters,” for all intents and purposes code for a continuing criminal enterprise.


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