Southern biker boss George (Wild Bill) Bunn, the Outlaws Motorcycle Club’s regional president in Tennessee, died last month. The 63-year old club luminary oversaw activity for the Outlaws’ chapters in both Nashville and Clarksville and was under indictment in a narcotics case. The state of Tennessee is home to a total of six Outlaws MC chapters (Nashville, Knoxville, Clarksville, Chattanooga, Memphis and Paris).

Back in the 1980s, Wild Bill Bunn was busted for robbing a bank in Crossville,Tennessee. On May 31, 1985, Bunn and fellow Outlaws member Dean Lucas, were arrested for a morning hold-up of Crossville’s First National Bank branch. Authorities suspected the pair in a series of bank stickups around the state, with jobs pulled in Manchester, Cookeville, Cumberland County and Dickson County.

During the 1985 arrest, police discovered $17,500 in cash, $17,300 of it stolen from the First National Branch in Crossville. Bunn and Lucas used stolen Harley Davidson motorcycles as their getaway vehicles in the robbery, eventually ditching the heisted hogs for a van. Using witness identifications of thee assailants, the van they used to flee the Crossville area was stopped on an interstate highway 50 miles away and they were apprehended.

Wild Bill wound up doing three years in prison. Lucas did four years behind bars and today publishes an online motorcycle newsletter in Sparta, Tennessee. In 2016, Bunn was snared in Operation Pop Smoke, a federal law enforcement crackdown on the crystal meth industry in the middle part of the state that wound up with more than 90 people in handcuffs.

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