Newly-filed documents in the Stevie DiSarro murder case sheds light on who exactly Patriarca crime family associate Paul Weadick is. DiSarro, a Boston nightclub impresario and FBI informant, was murdered on May 10, 1993. His remains were finally unearthed back in the spring in Rhode Island. Weadick, former New England mob boss Francis (Cadillac Frank) Salemme, and Salemme’s former underboss Robert (Bobby the Cigar) DeLuca, were all indicted in federal court in Massachusetts on charges related to the DiSarro slaying this past summer. DiSarro can be seen in this article’s cover image.

Cadillac Frank Salemme, 83 and living in the Witness Protection Program at the time of his arrest in August, and Weadick, 61 and already a convicted murderer, were arraigned earlier this month. Both have pled not guilty. The 71-year old Bobby the Cigar DeLuca, like Salemme living under an assumed identity in the Witness Protection Program when he was brought into custody (at the end of July on perjury and obstruction charges), is cooperating with authorities.

Employed by a mobbed-up construction and real-estate management company in Boston, Weadick was close friends with Cadillac Frank’s now-deceased son, Francis (Frankie Boy) Salemme, Jr. An order filed in court last week by prosecutors seeking to detain Weadick without bail shows that Weadick works for Modica Associates owned by David Modica, a general contractor and builder connected to the highest levels of the mafia in Beantown, per federal wiretaps.

In 1982, Weadick was convicted of second degree murder in the Joe Mistretta homicide and served seven years behind bars. Upon his release from prison, Weadick went to work for Stevie DiSarro at the Channel in South Boston, a nightclub DiSarro and the Salemmes were partners in. Also partners with DiSarro and the Salemmes in the Channel were notorious “Southie” crime lords James (Whitey) Bulger and Stephen (Stevie the Rifleman) Flemmi of the mostly-Irish and extremely vicious Winter Hill Gang. Weadick’s detention memo claims Bulger and Flemmi were cut in for a piece of the club after providing operating permits and a liquor license for the establishment following its’ purchase.

Cadillac Frank suspected DiSarro of skimming cash from the club’s coffers and informing on him to the FBI and IRS, states the detention memo, and told his then-second in command, Bobby DeLuca, he intended to kill DiSarro and was going to have “Frankie Boy take care of it.” DeLuca originally flipped in 2011, but denied any knowledge of the DiSarro hit in his initial debriefing sessions. Salemme pled guilty in 2008 to lying in his 1999 debriefing when he first flipped about his knowledge of DiSarro’s murder – he falsely implicated another mobster (Nicky Bianco) for ordering the hit.

According to this summer’s indictment, DiSarro, 43, was strangled to death in the spring of 1993 by Frankie Boy Salemme, Jr. in the kitchen of the Salemme family home in swanky Sharon, Massachusetts as Weadick held DiSarro’s legs and Cadillac Frank and his baby brother John (Action Jack) Salemme watched on. Jack Salemme, Cadillac Frank’s acting boss at times during his reign, hasn’t been charged and its unknown if he will be. Salemme, Jr. died of complications arising from the AIDS virus in 1995.

Per the detention memo, DeLuca admits to burying DiSarro’s body at a construction site of what became a converted mill property in Providence on Salemme’s request. DeLuca, according to his statements, took possession of DiSarro’s corpse in Rhode Island delivered to him by Cadillac Frank and his brother Jack. The converted mill was owned by DeLuca’s then-associate and crew member Billy Ricci, who got busted in a drug conspiracy case at the beginning of the year and cut a deal with prosecutors pointing them to DiSarro’s burial site.

DiSarro was picked up from his house the day he was killed by Salemme, Jr. in Salemme. Jr.’s girlfriend’s red-colored Jeep Grand Cherokee, according to Weadick’s detention memo. Cadillac Frank is alleged to have told both DeLuca and Stevie Flemmi that Salemme Jr. garroted DiSarro to death as Weadick held him still. Flemmi, a government cooperator since 2003, admitted in his FBI debriefing over a dozen years ago that he accidentally walked in on Salemme. Jr. and a man he didn’t recognize strangling DiSarro inside Cadillac Frank’s kitchen and that Cadillac Frank claimed to have witnessed DiSarro meeting with the FBI at a local shopping mall.

Weadick was arrested in the Joe Mistretta murder in 1982 with Mistretta’s blood literally on his hands. Mistretta’s body was found in the trunk of his car parked outside of Weadick’s home where he had been slain. Weadick’s current employer David Modica is linked by federal officials to Carmen (The Big Cheese) DiNunzio, the Patriarca clan’s reputed underboss and acting boss as well as DiNunzio’s younger, less-rotund brother, Anthony, incarcerated on an extortion collar and the New England mob’s day-to-day don from 2009 to 2012.

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  1. paul weadick cold blooded murderer ?! oh yes definitly !! i am the child of joe mistretta the man he murdered in 1983 in burlington mass i was ten at the time he took my dads life !!! im disgusted an not surprised !! he robbed me of my father my mom just passed away aug 18 of this year this was heartbreaking to read !! !! !

  2. Bobby A

    Joe Mistretta is my mom’s brother, and this news coming up again 34 years later is just as painful to her as if it were yesterday. They got 7 years for a straight up murder. They walked up to him in the bathroom and shot him in the head. Both Weadick and Haney. My grand parents are deceased now but they died a thousand deaths losing their son. They were beautiful people.