The Real Nino Brown Has A Story To Tell, B.J. Chambers’ Launches New Website Where His Book Will Be Sold

The American Gangster himself, Detroit underworld luminary B.J. Chambers has his new website up and running (Click here to see it), stocked with copies of his 2007 book entitled Prodigy Hustler and released while he was in the final years of a near two-and-a-half decade stint behind bars for overseeing a massive federal narcotics conspiracy. Chambers and his older brother Larry led an infamous drug gang in Detroit in the 1980s, profiled on an episode of BET’s hit television series American Gangster. The pair of siblings were used as the models for actor Wesley Snipes’ career-making performance as Nino Brown in the 1991 movie New Jack City, based on a magazine article penned by NJC screenwriter Barry Michael Cooper about the Arkansas Delta-born Chambers clan’s reign atop the Motown narcotics trade.

Like in the movie where the Nino Brown Organization took over a housing project to use as its headquarters, so did Larry Chambers, serving a life prison sentence. B.J. Chambers landed in Detroit first and was the architect of what became a crack cocaine empire that was the picture of efficiency and relative non-violence. Besides Larry, a number of B.J.’s brothers and friends from down south joined the family business up in the Motor City. A then-aspiring politician named Bill Clinton referenced the Chambers brothers in his speech at the 1988 Democratic National Convention, the Arkansas governor’s prelude to his run to the U.S. Presidency four years later.

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