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The Hoffa Hit Timeline: What Exactly Happened The Day The Teamsters Boss Died

This week is the 40-year anniversary of iconic Teamsters union leader Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance and murder. Hoffa’s high-profile kidnapping and slaying has never been solved, firmly embedding itself as the most notorious unsolved crime in American history. He was a lifelong mafia associate and those deep underworld connections are undoubtedly what got him killed at 62 in the midst

Jimmy Hoffa’s Corpse Most Likely Cremated At Detroit Mob’s Central Sanitation

Many American crime experts and former and current members of federal law enforcement believe slain Teamsters titan Jimmy Hoffa had his corpse incinerated at Central Sanitation in Hamtramck, Michigan, a Detroit mob-owned trash company. Central Sanitation was a business that belonged to deceased Motor City mafia lieutenants Peter (Bozzi) Vitale and Raffaele (Jimmy Q) Quasarano,

Detroit Wiseguy Joey Jack’s Car Is Only Piece Of Evidence In Hoffa Investigation

Nestled away in the basement of FBI headquarters in Detroit, up on blocks in a storage locker, gathering dust going on its fifth decade, sits the lone piece of physical evidence recovered in the still-unsolved Jimmy Hoffa murder case – a 1975 burgundy Mercury Marquis Brougham once belonging to reputed Motor City mobster, Joseph (Joey

NJ Mob Capo Tony Pro Was In Detroit Hours Before Hoffa Was killed, Says FBI Informant

Deceased New Jersey-based Mafioso and Genovese crime family captain Anthony (Tony Pro) Provenzano was in Detroit the night before labor leader and mob associate Jimmy Hoffa disappeared and was slain 40 years ago this month, according to an imprisoned FBI informant who came forward in the mid-2000s. The informant, former Teamster insider Don Wells, claims