Boston drug boss David (Slimey Dave) Coke was sentenced to five years in federal prison this week. The 39-year old Coke pled guilty to a cocaine conspiracy in April 2017. He was rounded up in a 2015 dismantling of the Columbia Point Dawgs, New England’s most well-known street gang.

Coke is considered by law enforcement the gang’s top narcotics supplier, running his operations out of a series of auto body collision stores, storage facilities and used car lots. Court documents allege he dealt in cocaine, heroin and oxycodone. Like Coke, most of the Columbia Point Dawgs leaders have copped pleas in the sprawling 2015 case and will do prison time.

Authorities also suspected Coke and his brother and co-defendant Michael (Dirty Mike) Coke of overseeing a robbery ring. The Coke brothers were often seen tooling around town in a Bentley automobile owned by “Slimey Dave.”

The Columbia Point Dawgs took form in the late 1980s inside the old Columbia Park housing projects located on the Dorchester Bay Peninsula in Dorchester, Massachusetts, just outside downtown Boston (today its a high-income community called Harbor Point). Earlier that decade, an offshoot of the Detroit, Michigan urban drug conglomerate, Young Boys, Incorporated, set up shop in Columbia Park, but a 1988 coup ousted the men in charge from Motown — who called themselves the Bomb Boys or the H2o Crew –, and the “CPD” was birthed and quickly took their place. The gang has since expanded outside Massachusetts into Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

The joint FBI and DEA bust of the group in the summer of 2015 brought down nearly 50 members and administrators of the Columbia Point Dawgs. While rounding up those indicted in the case, the feds seized over $100,000 in cash and more than 30 weapons. According to the 2015 indictment, the gang is officially run by the Berry brothers, Tony (Mazi Brawl) Berry and Willie (Sco Dough) Berry, both of whom pled guilty to the charges and are behind bars.

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