Highly-respected former Outlaws Motorcycle Club regional boss Wilson (Roadblock) Harrell died this winter from injuries sustained in a bike accident back in the fall. Harrell ran the Outlaws in Florida in the 1970s and early 1980s. He was 76 and had crafted a career for himself as an author in his latter years, penning a series of fiction books based on a war vet turned biker.

The Aging Rebel website, which chronicles American biker life, was the first to report on Harrell’s passing in late January. In September, Harrell’s motorcycle hit a service pole after encountering an oil slick on the highway. Hospitalized for four months, he finally succumbed to his injuries last month.

Harrell served 27 years in federal prison for a 1983 drug and racketeering conviction. Released in December 2009, he’s published three books revolving around protagonist Joe Wilson and his fictional Regents Motorcycle Club.

Harrell had his conviction for accessory to murder in the 1975 killing of Daytona Beach Outlaw David (Stoney) Adamson vacated. Adamson was founded floating in the Tomoka River in Volusia County, Florida. Following a hung jury in a 1978 trial, Harrell copped a plea to accessory and was sentenced to time served. According to accounts, Adamson was shotgunned to death in a drunken dare by an Outlaw named Howard (Pig Pen) Berry.

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