Sam (Bullet) Nocille, the Pagan’s Motorcycle Club vice president and narcotics lieutenant in charge of a lucrative “pill mill” in Philadelphia being run out of a local doctor’s office, died before he could be indicted for his drug-peddling activities. The well-liked and heavily juiced-in 46-year old “Bullet” Nocille passed away while incarcerated on state weapons and assault charges in 2014, smack dab in the middle of the Feds’ inquiry into the Pagan’s drug operations he headed.

“Bullet was a righteous dude,” recalled one GR source. “He had his fingers in a lot of pies.”

Pennsylvania physician Dr. William O’Brien III is currently standing trial in Philadelphia federal court accused of collecting nearly two million bucks over a two-year period in exchange for providing Nocille and several additional members of the Pagan’s and their associates thousands of illegal pill prescriptions to sell on the black market. O’Brien is defending himself in the case.

Nocille was felled by a heart attack on January 16, 2014. He had served time in federal prison in the early 2000s on a drug conviction and known for his connections in the Philly drug world. When Nocille died, Pagan’s member Patrick (Redneck) Treacy took control of the club’s pill mill racket. Treacy and all of the co-defendants in the case, except the 51-yeat old O’Brien, nicknamed by the club “Doctor Bear,” have pled guilty to the charges brought down in an indictment last year.

Other Pagan’s nailed in the case included Joe Mehl, Joe Mitchell, Michael (Tomato Pie) Thompson and Peter (Petey Nose) Marrandino. Mehl, a tow-truck driver, was “Redneck” Treacy’s right-hand man in the conspiracy, recruiting runners and feeding “clients” to O’Brien, many of them strippers (some of whom would trade sex for pills). He worked for a tow truck company owned by Bullet Nocille.  Read legendary east coast crime writer George Anastasia’s story here at

The Pagan’s are the preeminent biker gang in Philadelphia and have been in the news a lot lately. Club vice president Robert (Go Fast) Gray was arrested for kidnapping this spring related to an incident earlier this year where he and a friend allegedly snatched former Pagan’s treasurer Vincent (Pit Stop) Pezzano off a South Philly street corner, beat, strangled and threatened him over an unpaid debt. Gray is said to be a suspect in the 2005 murder of Pagans lieutenant-turned-Hells Angel-acting president Tommy (Thinker) Wood, killed in a shootout on a local expressway after leaving a topless bar.

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  1. Vargaz

    What a terrible loss to mankind. I’m sending a nice shiny new Pagans urinal to be placed on his grave so his fellow outlaws can pay their respects.