Former Chicago mafia associate and highly-feared enforcer George (Georgie Karate) Brown will be getting out of prison more than two years before scheduled. Earlier this week, U.S. District Court Judge Edmond Chang ordered Brown’s sentenced reduced, chopping off the final two and a half years of an original three and a half year bid imposed last fall in September 2016.

Until his indictment in 2013 and he began cooperating with the government, Georgie Karate was muscle for a subunit of the Chicago mob’s Cicero crew based out of Lake County and long having links to reputed acting Outfit boss Salvatore (Solly D) DeLaurentis, who forcefully took power in the cluster of Northern suburbs in the early 1980s. The 54-year old Brown trained in mixed martial arts and employed his skills at hand-to-hand combat while working his job for the mafia and a clique of Lake County mobsters headed by Paulie Carparelli, known by law enforcement to be a lieutenant of DeLaurentis’.

Carparelli, 48, Brown and five others were busted for extortion in July 2013. All seven co-defendants in the case wound up being convicted. The sentence-reduction order issued in the case against Brown contained a sealed FBI memo outlining further cooperation he has provided since his incarceration.

Brown pled guilty to extorting multiple businessmen at the request of fellow mob associate Mark Dziuban, an underling of Carparelli’s in late 2014. He wore a wire on Carparelli and other crew members prior to his arrest. According to court filings, one debtor Brown was dispatched to deal with on behalf of Carparelli urinated on himself when he caught sight of Brown lumbering in his direction.

Dziuban, owner of a printing company called American Lithos in Carol Stream, Illinois, sought out Carparelli for advice on which enforcers to use in collecting street tax and sent them around the country to intimidate debtors and pick up extortion payments in Wisconsin and New Jersey. Georgie Karate admitted going into the office of the owner of a granite company and assaulting the man using his karate moves.

“Hey, motherfucker, this aint going away, you pay what you owe,” the 300-pounder said while pummeling his victim with his feet and fists.

Carparelli was caught on an FBI wire in January 2013 talking about doing muscle work himself directly for the 78-year old DeLaurentis, someone Windy City mob watchers say assumed day-to-day oversight of Outfit affairs upon his predecessor, Michael (Fat Mike) Sarno, going to prison on extortion charges in December 2010.

“Solly D gave me $10,000 to throw that guy a beating” he was heard saying. “They wanted his legs broke.”

A 2011 FBI bug intercepted Carparelli offering an underling $2,000 to deliver someone else a beating in order to square away some quick holiday cash.

“It’s easy fucking money, you just catch the kid outside, beat the shit out of him, bust his fucking arm, his jaw and then leave…..It’ll take you five minutes. That’s your Christmas money right there,” he said.

Carparelli, due out of prison next spring, hasn’t been shy in telling associates about his ties to and work for the Chicago mafia.

“I’ve been with the Outfit (local slang for the mob in Illinois) my whole life, I’m not about to change now,” he was caught on tape telling a friend. “This is what I’m made of and this is where I come from and I’m fucking proud of it.”

*”Georgie Karate” Brown can be seen in this article’s cover photo on the left walking into a 2014 court date.

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