The New England mafia worked closely with the American Nazi Party in the 1960s, as Providence mob don Raymond Patriarca and American Nazi Party founder George Lincoln Rockwell forged a mutually-beneficial relationship via an introduction by an unnamed member of the national mafia “Commission,” per a new article posted on (read the article here). According to Gangster Report sources, Patriarca used a lieutenant of his named Louie (The Fox) Taglianetti as his main go-between with the neo-Nazi group until Rockwell was assassinated in the summer of 1967, around the same time Taglianetti himself fell out of favor with his boss for unrelated reasons and was soon slain as well.

For the last couple of years, has been delving into the thousands of pages of FBI documents it acquired in 2015 detailing the long-deceased Patriarca’s criminal and personal affairs. Both Patriarca and Lincoln Rockwell rose to prominence in the 1950s, as Patriarca took the reins of the New England mob family that would soon bear his name in 1954 and Lincoln Rockwell, a native Rhode Islander, founded the American Nazi Party in Arlington, Virginia in 1959.

The mafia Commission member who introduced Patriarca to Lincoln Rockwell visited the white supremacist leader at his armed-guarded compound in Virginia, according to the government records obtained by Louie Taglianetti delivered messages back-and-forth between the odd couple of iconic figures, per a source intimately familiar with the Patriarca regime.

Louie the Fox in life (R) & death (L)

Taglianetti ran a sports book and loansharking business out of Patriarca’s National Cigarette Service Company in Providence’s Federal Hill neighborhood. Patriarca headquartered his crime syndicate’s nerve center out of National Cigarette and Coin-O-Matic Distributors, two adjoined vending machine businesses. Informants told local police at the time that Patriarca kept Taglianetti close to him for his expertise at the vending machine and jukebox racket.

The FBI’s wiretapping of the two businesses led to Taglianetti’s downfall. Against Patriarca’s wishes, Louie the Fox urged his lawyers at a spring 1967 trial for tax evasion to push for the release of the tapes which proved a great embarrassment for his boss. One of the wires in Patriarca’s office picked up a conversation between him and Taglianetti where Patriarca expressed support for African-Americans being able to vote.

The 49-year old Lincoln Rockwell was killed leaving a laundry mat near his Arlington estate on August 25, 1967, shot to death by a disgruntled former follower of his. Less than three years later on February 6, 1970, Louie Taglianetti and his girlfriend Elizabeth McKenna were slain entering McKenna’s Cranston, Rhode Island apartment building. At the time of his murder, Taglianetti, 67, was out on bail facing a first-degree homicide charge in the 1962 gangland slaying of notorious Providence mobster John (Mad Dog Jackie) Nazarian.

Patriarca did prison time for a controversial double murder conspiracy in the 1970s. He died of a heart attack in 1984.

George Lincoln Rockwell posing in front of his Arlington, VA. Neo-Nazi-themed manor in the mid-1960s

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