Boston mobster Pryce (Stretch) Quintina walked free this week. The veteran 77-year old Patriarca crime family soldier was released from an 18-month federal prison term for extortion to house-arrest status Tuesday morning. He’ll shed his monitoring bracelet on May 29.

Quintina worked directly on behalf of former New England mafia acting boss Anthony (Spucky) Spagnolo and was the nephew of deceased Patriarca crime family consigliere Charles (Q-Ball) Quintina. Stretch Quintina and his uncle “Q-Ball” went down together in a 1995 racketeering bust and both were present at the Patriarcas’ ill-fated fall 1989 induction ceremony held in a suburban Medford, Massachusetts home bugged by the FBI and used to lock up a slew of New England mob bigwigs.

In subsequent federal audio surveillance from 1992, the younger Quintina is heard asking a mob superior permission to “bounce this guy off the wall,” in reference to an indebted gambler. According to court records and FBI documents, he’s thought to have played a role in the Angelo Patrizzi murder from the spring of 1981, but was never charged.

The individual Quintina was requesting the go-ahead from to bounce his debtor off the wall, Alexander (Sonny Boy) Rizzo, on the other hand, would go on to be convicted in the Patrizzi hit as part of a 1990s racketeering case. Patrizzi drew the ire of the Patriarca clan by vowing to avenge the killing of his half-brother years before and allegedly putting contracts on the heads of mob administrators he deemed responsible. Rizzo, who supervised the planning of Patrizzi’s murder and Q-Ball Quintina, one of the many co-conspirators in the homicide, were best friends.

In December 2015, Spucky Spagnolo and Stretch Quintina pled guilty to shaking down the Constitution Vending Co. for more than $50,000 in cash over an eight-year period and muscling the Revere Moose Lodge into remaining loyal to Constitution and not leaving for a better deal elsewhere for fear of reprisals. They were arrested in October 2014. Spagnolo, 75, is slated for release later this year in December. The Quintinas and Spagnolo were longtime residents of Revere, Massachusetts, just outside Boston.

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