The Pagan’s Motorcycle Club in New York didn’t stop trying to bring harm to their enemies, the Hells Angels, following the 2002 Hellraiser Ball attack where close to 100 Pagan’s rushed into a Hells Angels social function being held at a Long Island banquet hall and began shooting and stabbing wildly while swinging everything from fists, baseball bats and ax handles at their bitter rivals in the east coast biker underworld. In 2010, the FBI uncovered a plot by Pagan’s New York chapter president Jason (Roadblock) Blair, to murder several local Hells Angels leaders and indicted him and 16 other club members on racketeering, drug and attempted murder charges prior to his being able to carry out his intended assassinations.

Delivering an impassioned speech in front of hundreds of Pagan’s at a biker rally in the fall of 2010, Roadblock Blair implored his followers to “be prepared to die or go to prison for life” in the club’s ongoing feud with the Hells Angels. Blair’s bust in the days after the now-infamous address resulted from the Pagan’s Long Island chapter being infiltrated by FBI agents working undercover.

Former Pagan’s national president Dennis (Rooster) Katona, the architect of the bloody siege at the Hellraiser Ball almost 15 years ago, had a 2014 narcotics conviction tossed off the books this month by the state appeals court in Pennsylvania. Katona, 50, was based out of Pittsburgh and then western Pennsylvania’s Westmoreland County. The club’s powerbase resides in the state of Pennsylvania, but the Pagan’s have long maintained outposts in New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Delaware, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, North & South Carolina, Florida, Massachusetts and Maryland.

Blair’s Long Island-based Pagan’s chapter looks after club activity in New York, New Jersey and the eastern tip of Pennsylvania. Although primarily a west coast club, the Hells Angels started carving inroads on the east coast in the 1980s. The Hells Angels and the Pagans jockeyed for positioning in the Empire State until 1998 when the bulk of the Pagan’s New York flagship out of Long Island went down on racketeering and attempted homicide charges.

Then-Long Island chapter president Michael (Richie Bigfoot) Desena was arrested and jailed alongside more than 30 club members in April of that year. Chapter luminary and national sergeant at arms Keith (Conan the Barbarian) Richter got picked up by authorities the month prior in a foiled murder plot aimed at two Hells Angels. By the end of the decade, the Hells Angels dominated the region and the Pagan’s were looking to rebuild and reestablish their presence in Long Island and the surrounding counties.

The 42-year old Blair began plotting his hit spree focused on eliminating the hierarchy of the local Hells Angels chapter in the late 2000s in the wake of him being physically attacked and beaten by a group of Long Island Hells Angels in the parking lot of a Lindenhurst, New York tavern in August 2009. The coming months saw good ole’ Roadblock elected the new president of the Long Island Pagan’s chapter and his thirst for revenge grow only bigger.

According to court records, Blair and the majority of Pagan’s brass in the area headquartered their criminal affairs out of the House of Tattoos in Rocky Point and he and others spent a great deal of the summer and spring of 2010 planning the killings of a half-dozen Hells Angels Blair held responsible for his beating the previous year. At an east coast biker rally known as the “Roar on the Shore” in Wildwood, New Jersey on September 10, 2010, Blair gathered the Pagan’s and their affiliate clubs in a hotel suite and gave his doozy of a “die or prison” speech. Two days later he was indicted and in handcuffs thanks to undercover federal agents infiltrating Blair’s Long Island chapter and recording incriminating conversations that took place both at the House of Tattoos and the Roar at the Shore rally.

Faced with a life prison stint himself, Blair copped a plea and accepted a 15-25 year sentence in 2012. He’s serving his time behind bars in a federal correctional facility in Elkton, Ohio. His first eligible parole date won’t be until 2024 when he will be close to 50.

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