Boston mob bigwig Anthony (The Little Cheese) DiNunzio is a free man once again. Welcome to the Trump Era, Cheeseman No. 2!

DiNunzio, the 58-year old former acting boss of the New England mafia and baby brother of the Patriarca crime family’s current reputed Godfather, Carmen (The Big Cheese) DiNunzio, was released from federal prison this month, but will be on home confinement at his East Boston residence until February. He was gone as a guest of the government for almost six years. Carmen DiNunzio, 60, got sprung from federal custody in early 2015 and just off parole in July. Per sources, he took over the crime family’s official top spot after spending the past two years as the syndicate’s acting boss and the previous dozen as the clan’s underboss.

Before he was busted for extorting a string of Rhode Island strip clubs in April 2012, the younger DiNunzio was the Patriarca’s day-to-day skipper on the streets for roughly four years, looking after the shop for his then-incarcerated big brother and recently-deceased don Pete Limone, who preferred a hands-off leadership approach. The Boston-based Limone died of natural causes back in the summer at 83.

The DiNunzio brothers headquarter their mob affairs out of the Gemini Social Club located in Boston’s North End neighborhood. The elder DiNunzio ran the Fresh Cheese Shop on Endicott Street before going to prison for racketeering, extortion, bookmaking, bribery and corruption charges in a pair of state and fed cases he incurred in 2006 and 2008 respectively. Gregory (Fat Greg) Costa, the Big Cheese’s protégé, is reportedly running the old North End crew these days.

Both DiNunzios did federal prison time in the late 1980s and early 1990s for collecting mob debts on behalf of the Chicago Outfit’s Las Vegas crew, within which the rotund siblings took refuge in the wake of a falling out with former North End mafia overlord and New England mob underboss Jerry Angiulo. The DiNunzio’s came back to Boston following their prison stints and are said to have been made into the Patriarcas almost immediately with the eternally-cranky Angiulo tucked away behind bars himself.

Louie DiNunzio, Little Cheese DiNunzio’s 30-year old son, got nailed for drug dealing in 2016. He’s been identified by law enforcement as an up-and-comer in Boston mob circles and by the U.S. Attorneys Office as a recent initiate to the Patriarca Borgata, part of a growing North End contingent comprised of young, eager DiNunzio family loyalists.

Anthony DiNunzio was caught on an FBI wire in December 2011 telling a high-ranking New York mobster “I’ll (kill you) and get to watch you die in the ground….and I’ll dig you back up and make sure you’re dead.”

He further bragged, “Even if I go to the can, I’m still the boss. No matter what.”

The Little Cheese was wrong. Seasoned Boston Goodfella Anthony (Spucky) Spagnolo replaced him as acting boss until his arrest for racketeering and extortion in 2014. The 75-year old Spagnolo is set to be released from a federal correctional facility in New Jersey later this year (December 4, 2017) and should either be in a halfway house or on home confinement soon.

Well-liked Providence wiseguy Alfred (Chippy) Scivola, Anthony DiNunzio’s co-defendant in his 2012 case, died peacefully at 76 in July. Another co-defendant of DiNunzio’s in that case, Edward (Little Eddie) Lato, a Providence captain in the Patriarcas, will be cooling his heels in that same New Jersey lockup Spagnolo is about to be sprung from for another two years. Lato, 70, and his alleged role in the 1992 murder of New England mob enforcer Kevin Hanrahan are the focus of ongoing federal grand jury proceedings, per sources with intimate knowledge of the proceedings.

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