Bikers From Hell: Lennoxville Massacre Shocked Canada 30 Yrs Ago

Three decades ago this week in Montreal blood was shed in the volatile Canadian outlaw biker world, an anniversary that still sends shivers down peoples’ spines in the Quebec province and is embedded in local gangland lore forever.

On Marcy 24, 1985, the notorious Lennoxville Massacre took place, when five Hells Angels were publically slaughtered in front of dozens of club members at the gang’s Sherbrook chapter headquarters in Lennoxville, Quebec, outside Laval, as a show of force and as punishment for the chapter’s unruly, drug-fueled antics.

Sherbrook North Chapter leader Laurent (the Englishman) Viau and four of his top lieutenants, Jean-Guy (Brutus) Geoffrion, Jean-Pierre (Matt the Crosser) Mathieu, Michele (Mad Willie) Mayrand and Guy-Louis (Pork Chop) Adams were beaten and shot to death that day by what authorities suspect was a hit team consisting of over 15 assassins. Four of the men that participated in the infamous mass murder – Harold (Jacques) Pelletiere, Robert (Snake) Tremblay, Luc (Scary Sam) Michaud and Rejean (Zig-Zag) Lessard– were convicted of related offenses and sent to prison, but have all since been released. Pelletiere was let out on the charges in 2013, but was recently taken back into custody for a parole violation.

Viau and his henchmen were summoned to a meeting, ambushed and slain upon arrival that late March evening, made an example of in front of what was believed to be a crowd of possibly 60 gang members.

Following the bloodletting, the five corpses were wrapped in sleeping bags and thrown in the nearby St. Lawrence River. Two weeks later, North Chapter prospect-enforcer Claude (Coco) Roy was killed on orders of Hell Angels club brass in Montreal for his loyalty to the North Chapter and the suspicion that he was cooperating with the police.

According to experts in Canada, the purge represented a shift in local Hells Angels politics, moving things in a more business-like direction under the soon-to-be guidance of Montreal biker boss Maurice (Mom) Boucher, ridding the club of its renegades and wildcards such as Viau and his North Chapter cocaine-addicted heathens.

One of the main targets of the group slaying was Viau’s partner-in-crime and fellow North Chapter chieftain Yves (Apache) Trudeau, who avoided the grisly quintuple homicide by having checked into drug rehab in the days prior. Trudeau would go on to eventually turn witness for the government and testified against the perpetrators in court, admitting to committing 43 murders or attempted murders himself in a 12-year tenure in the Hells Angels.

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