The ATF brought down more than a dozen members of the eastside Baltimore drug crew known as the Trained To Go gang earlier this week with a multi-count federal drug, gun and racketeering indictment. “TTG” leaders Ernest (Rat) McRae and Jack (Juicy Jackie) Bagley, 37 and 38 years old, respectively, were at the center of the bust. The gang has operated in the city’s Biddle Street section, near the prestigious Johns Hopkins University campus and hospital, since 2012, according to authorities.

Wilbur (Man-Man) Forrester, one of McRae and Bagley’s main lieutenants who had ambitions of assuming boss duties over the crew himself, is accused of using the Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel, which is connected to the Baltimore Convention Center, as his base of operations. After Rat McRae was arrested in September, Forrester was caught on a wire telling an associate in the gang that the gang now belonged to him, saying “Ain’t nobody else gonna just step in there and be like ‘Oh, now I got the block,’…..(so I’m taking it).” Forrester is employed at the Inner Harbor Hotel.

Federal agents intercepted a conversation between McRae and a low-level lieutenant of his named Stancil (Do Do) McNair in the summer, where McRae requested McNair bring him a firearm to use. McRae and Bagley were acquitted on charges of attempted murder at a 2014 trial tied to a shooting of a rival related to a drug debt.

Man-Man Forrester, also sometimes called “Dreads” for his style of hairdo, is on the run from the law. McRae and Bagley are in custody. All 13 defendants in the case face a maximum of 20 years in prison if convicted on all counts.

Law enforcement in Baltimore has been busy this year. Back in the winter, the feds in Baltimore arrested reputed westside drug lord Brandon Pride and several members of his Brick City Gang.


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