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Pouring Some Sugar: Peach State Drug Kingpin & His Nine-Deuce Regime Take Plea Deals

Georgia’s Nine-Deuce Gang was officially dismantled this week, as over a dozen members of the gang’s hierarchy were convicted of federal drug crimes out of Macon. Nice-Deuce Gang boss Delma (Shug) Goddard and his Bloods-affiliated crew were indicted in May 2017 on a multitude of narcotics, weapons and racketeering charges. In the past few days, 38-year

Kentucky, West Virginia Being Invaded By Detroit Dope Boys, Continuing Motown Underworld Trend

Putting in work down in West Virginia and Kentucky is virtually a rite of passage in the Detroit drug scene. Dealers spanning multiple factions and generations in the Motor City drug game have been traveling to Lexington, Kentucky and cities across the state of West Virginia to make a quick buck. They push everything from marijuana, cocaine and heroin to fentanyl, Vicodin and Oxycodone and they wreak havoc.

“J-Bo” Brown Back On The Outside, Midwest Drug Boss Did 11 Years In Epic BMF Case

Black Mafia Family underboss Chad (J-Bo) Brown was recently released from serving over a decade behind bars. The affable 46-year old Brown, the second-in-charge of the monolithic BMF, did 11 years in prison on racketeering, narcotics and money-laundering convictions. Brown was placed in a halfway house last fall after spending the majority of his prison

Killer Of New Orleans Wiseguy & Fixer “Frenchy” Brouillette Takes Plea, Cops To Manslaughter

New Orleans musician Bill Bonham pled guilty to manslaughter this week in the murder of Big Easy mobster Kent (Frenchy) Brouillette, a larger-than-life gangland character tied to Carlos (The Kingfish) Marcello, the city’s longtime mafia boss who died back in the 1990s after attaining worldwide infamy for bragging of his role in the assassination of President