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Law Enforcement: Toronto Gangster Still Avoiding Capture, Fugitive Mob Figure Not Killed In Mexico

Despite rumors of his demise circulating the Toronto and Montreal underworlds, respectively, in recent months, Canadian mafia lieutenant Daniele (Dark Danny) Ranieri remains on the run from the law. The 33-year Rizzuto crime family crew boss, a fugitive for more than two years, wasn’t one of the victims of a well-publicized drug-world massacre in Los Cabos, Mexico, late last year,

Montreal West End Ganger Called On Carpet By Rizzuto Mob In Wake Of “Slick” Griffin’s ’06 Slaying

Irish mobster John McKenzie threatened to kill an Italian button man in Montreal’s Rizzuto crime family in 2006 in the days after his best bud, business partner and fellow West End Gang lieutenant Richard (Slick) Griffin was gunned down in a feud with the Rizzuto clan, per a source in Canadian law enforcement. McKenzie, 48,

War Games Across The Border: Busy Week In Canadian Mob Affairs As Trio Of Shootings Rock Underworld

The unrest in the Canadian underworld continues. There were three mob-related shootings in the past week across the border, two resulting in fatalities. For the past decade, crime syndicates in Montreal and Toronto have been under siege by upheaval in the country’s first family of the mafia, the Rizzuto clan out of Quebec, a series of intertwined conflicts that

Drug Dealing Barbie: Yankee Cartel Leader “El Barbie” Lands 50-Year Prison Term

American-born Mexican drug cartel leader Edgar (El Barbie) Valdez was sentenced to 50 years in prison and ordered to forfeit close to $200,000,000 in cash from his criminal operations in federal court out of Atlanta this week. The 44-year old Valdez, who used to be a bodyguard for the world’s biggest drug lord of the