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    The Nite Lite Café Murders: Boston Mafia Lieutenant ‘Ralphie Chong’s’ North End Hangout Site Of 1966 Bloodletting

    Recently-deceased Boston mob figure Ralph (Ralphie Chong) Lamattina helped his bosses in the Patriarca crime family kill two local rival racketeers inside his Nite Lite Café on the outskirts of the North End in the 1960s. Greek gangster Arthur (Tash) Bratsos and his bodyguard Thomas (Tommy D) De Prisco were lured to the Nite Lite

      Stretching His Legs: Boston Wiseguy ‘Stretch’ Quintina Leaves Prison On Heels Of Year-&-A-Half For Racketeering

      Boston mobster Pryce (Stretch) Quintina walked free this week. The veteran 77-year old Patriarca crime family soldier was released from an 18-month federal prison term for extortion to house-arrest status Tuesday morning. He’ll shed his monitoring bracelet on May 29. Quintina worked directly on behalf of former New England mafia acting boss Anthony (Spucky) Spagnolo and was