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The Queen Of Soul & “Fast Eddie” Wingate Flew In Same Circles, Aretha Franklin Had Brush With Black Mob

Aretha Franklin, the ever beloved Queen of Soul, died this week at 76, her legacy cemented as one of the great voices of our time and the quintessential R&B diva. On her way to superstardom in the 1960s, she brushed up to the darker side of her hometown of Detroit, almost signing a talent contract

Legendary Jewish Mobster Herbie Sperling Dead In Prison At 79, Leaves Legacy Of Heroin & Hedonism

Having spent the last 45 years of his life behind bars, New York mob associate and heroin kingpin Herbie Sperling, one of the most powerful and prolific Jewish gangland figures in American history, recently died of natural causes in a federal prison hospital in Massachusetts. He was 79. Even today five decades following his reign, Sperling’s reputation is still formidable in certain east coast

The Alibi: Old School Chicago Outfit Figure “Joey The Clown” Makes Case For Why He Didn’t Clip Friend

Living out his final years in a supermax federal prison in Florence, Colorado, infirmed former Chicago mob consigliere Joseph (Joey the Clown) Lombardo is seeking relief from the court in the form of a new lawyer and the reconsideration of his murder conviction from the 2000s. The 89-year old Lombardo, notoriously colorful and eccentric, recently

Saying Goodbye To The Bishop: New England Mob Leader To Be Laid To Rest, Achille Dead At 82

Church is out in the Providence wing of New England’s Patriarca crime family. Providence mob figure Joseph (Joe the Bishop) Achille reportedly died of natural causes this week. The reputed consigliere was 82 years old. Award-winning television investigative reporter (WPRI) and local mobologist Tim White broke the news of Achille’s passing Wednesday morning on his Twitter