Virginia biker boss Timothy (Dr. T) Dye passed away due to natural causes last week. The 59-year old Dye was the president of the Southwest Virginia chapter of The Pagan’s Motorcycle Club based around Roanoke.

Dye worked for the Pulaski County Animal Control Department for more than two decades. He was a volunteer football and baseball coach as well.

Dye’s older brother Tony (Perk) Dye was The Pagan’s Sergeant at Arms until he died of cancer in 2011. The elder Dye founded The Warlords Motorcycle Club in 1973. The Warlords “patched over” to The Pagan’s organization in the 1980s.

The Pagan’s are a biker world power on the east coast, founded in Maryland in 1959, but currently headquartering national affairs out of Delaware County, Pennsylvania. The club maintains chapters in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Florida, New Jersey and North Carolina.

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